3D-Printed bins for Tactix organizer

Original VS my 3D-printed design of bins for Tacticx organizers.

I have several Tactix organizers 16″.

They are fantastic assortment boxes! But one problem I encounteres is that the smallest bin (49x49mm) is sometime too big. I found one 3D-model of a 49x49mm with two compartments, I liked the idea but didn’t quite like the design with the wings… So I decided to CAD my own!

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Domoticz thermostat script for tv-bench cooling


This is my first LUA-script for Domoticz. I have a TV-bench where I have all my media devices, media-computer, av-receiver and game consoles…

The bench is rather small, which led to it become very hot in it. My solution was to mount PC-fans to ventilate out the hot air.

To control my fans I used a 433Mhz switch. I also added a temperature sensor and wrote a small thermostat script for Domoticz.

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